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David Milch on Language and Obscenity in Deadwood

The Series Creator on Westerns, Civility, and Iambic Pentameter

By David Milch  September 28, 2022

Who Has the Right to Bear Arms? A Brief History

Elsa Dorlin on Legal Traditions of Self-Defense

By Elsa Dorlin  September 28, 2022

A Brief History of (My) Dark Academia

"Dark academia is academia’s black swan and shadow self."

By Adrienne Raphel  September 28, 2022

The Found Poems of Goliarda Sapienza

Chiara Barzini on the Vibrant Poems of the Late Italian Poet

By Chiara Barzini  September 28, 2022

Intimacy and Manipulation: A Reading List of Fictional Diaries

Elizabeth Brooks Recommends Books by E.M. Delafield, Margaret Forster, and More

By Elizabeth Brooks  September 28, 2022

What Was Germany Like in the Decade After Hitler?

Harald Jähner on the No Man’s Time of Post WWII Germany

By Harald Jähner  September 28, 2022